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Smart Door Bell Installation

  • Sky Bell HD Video Doorbell
  • Ring Pro Video Doorbell
  • Honeywell Doorbell Cam

Video Doorbell
Ring Doorbell

SkyBell HD Round $199

SkyBell HD Trim $225

Ring Pro $249.99

Ring Doorbell + Chime Pro $298.99

Video Doorbell Installation - Kansas City
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Video Doorbells are one of the latest advances in Kansas City Home Security.  They allow you to see who is at your door and to answer it from your smart phone.   They are an excellent deterrent against crime in two different respects.  First, package theft is discouraged because the doorbell will alert you whenever motion is detected on your porch, so not only will you know when the package is delivered, but you will also know if someone approaches your door later. Second, intruders will often come to the front door to see if anyone is home before targeting a house, but being captured on camera will certainly tend to discourage them.

These doorbells simply replace the existing traditional doorbells and connect to the internet over wi-fi.  Our basic installation includes removing the existing doorbell and putting the new one in its place.  We then learn the doorbell into your home wi-fi network and help you  install and configure the app on your smartphone.

The SkyBell HD and Ring Pro both have similar features, but the Ring Pro has two additional options. The Ring Chime Pro is a Wi-Fi Range Extender to help insure a good signal outside the front door. Second, Ring has a wireless model that doesn't require an existing when combined with the Chime Pro.  The Chime Pro not only boosts the Wi-Fi, but it also provides an indoor sounder for the doorbell.

Installation costs $100 for standard installations. 

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