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Security Camera Installation

  • Ring Floodlight Camera
  • Ring Spotlight Camera
  • Nest Cam Outdoor
  • Arlo Outdoor Camera

Ring Floodlight Camera
Ring Spotlight Camera
Nest Outdoor Camera
arlo camera

Ring Floodlight Camera  $249

Ring Spotlight Camera     $199

Nest Outdoor Camera $199.99

Arlo Outdoor Camera $249.99

Security Camera Installation - Kansas City
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Security Cameras are a popular addition to Security Systems in Kansas City.  They allow you to see what is happening at your home from your smart phone.   They are an excellent deterrent against crime in two different respects.  First, package theft is discouraged because the doorbell will alert you whenever motion is detected on your porch, so not only will you know when the package is delivered, but you will also know if someone approaches your door later. Second, they are a great deterrent, as intruders will often come to the front door to see if anyone is home before targeting a house, but being captured on camera will often discourage them.

The Ring Spotlight Camera and the Arlo camera are powered by rechargeable batteries.  The floodlight camera is wired to your house electricity and replaces an existing outdoor light fixture.  The nest camera receives power from the nearest outlet and if one is not near, you would need an extension cord to plug it in. You will also need to create an account with the camera manufacturer to get alerts and cloud storage.

Installation costs $125 for standard installations. Installation will include mounting and aiming the camera, learning into the local Wi-Fi network, and installing and configuring the app on your smart phone.  The Floodlight Camera installation is $150 as it also involves removing your existing light fixture and wiring in the new one.

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