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Medical Alerts

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are devices that allow you to signal for help at the push of a button.  Based on your circumstances, the button could signal a variety of different things, but most commonly a medical emergency.  In the event of a button being pushed, the following will normally occur.

  • The system will signal our central station that there is an emergency.
  • The details of the alarm and the resident are displayed on the screen to the central station operator
  • The central station operator follow the predesigned protocol which could include calling the house, relatives, or ambulance.

The buttons can take several forms depending on personal preference.  Often they are pendants, but can also be belt clips of bracelets.  Additionally, sometimes they are mounted on bathroom walls in case of a slip.

“It has been our experience that many people get the pendants, not because they think they need them, but rather to provide peace of mind to their families.  We get it.  Security systems are often for peace of mind too”

Life Sentry BaseStation.  This is the communication hub that gets plugged into the home phone line.  It also is the charger for the spare battery.  The system will alert you when it is time to change the battery.

The transmitter acts like a miniature cordless phone.  When the button is pushed, the operator can speak with you wherever you are around the house to determine your situation and the appropriate response.

The wall button is often installed near the floor in bathrooms incase of a fall, since many household accidents occur there.

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